Farm: 303 Dale Street Monroe, NC 28112

Office: (704) 883-5185

To continue providing our men with the safe, and healthy, environment necessary for them to transition back into the community successfully, takes a lot of financial responsibility. We want to encourage you to seek your heart, and consider donating to the ministry financially on a monthly basis. This is the greatest way for you to support our organization.

The costs to supply housing and food, as well as maintain the monthly overhead costs to keep these houses running with heat, electricity, water, and more, are great. 

​We are a faith based ministry, and believe in the power and provision of our Lord and Savior, but we also believe in the body of Christ, and that we are meant to work as one. This is where you come in, and we humbly request for your prayer in supporting our ministry financially.

We are heart focused, and centered, on providing these men with the practical and spiritual tools necessary to transition back into the community, and we could not do it without your financial help.

​To begin, or continue, donating to our ministry, and making an instant impact in these men's lives,

please click the "Donate Now" button below. 

Thank you!